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The Greedy Fisherman A Tai Yai Fable

Published on 31 Mar 2021 / In Theatre 2: Education

⁣⁣The Greedy Fisherman (A Tai Yai Fable)

On the edge of a brook a fisherman sat catching whatever fish he could find, grumbling that he wished he could catch more.
Suddenly a rabbit and an otter began playing together in the forest nearby. When it came time to eat, the otter slipped into the brook to catch fish.
The fisherman watched from a distance and came to the conclusion that it was because of the otter that he was able to catch so few fish.
He abandoned his fishing, and used what he'd caught so far to set a trap for the otter.
The rabbit began to think that the otter had been gone an unusually long time and when he went to look for him by the brook,
he found his friend stuck in a trap! The rabbit came up with a plan. He told the otter that since he had just eaten, his belly was full of gas. If the otter holds this gas in his cheeks and then releases it when the fisherman returns, the fisherman think the otter has started to decay and toss him away!
When the fisherman came back he laughed with joy upon seeing the otter caught in his trap. Seeing the otter lying still, the fisherman picked him up, and the otter released the rabbit's gas, making the fisherman think he was already rotten. But just as he was about to release the otter from the trap the fisherman spotted the rabbit watching nearby, and in his greed desired to catch the rabbit as well. The fisherman leapt after the rabbit and the otter found his chance to escape from the trap. The rabbit also evaded the fisherman, leaving him with nothing in the end. No rabbit, no otter, and no fish, all because he was greedy.

The Shadow Puppet Troupe Luk-Mai-Mae-Khan from Thailand

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