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Saudade & The Spinner

Published on 27 Mar 2021 / In Theatre 4: Collaboration


Made only by the theatrical play between the puppet’s actions with the music and the space inside the Lambe-Lambe box, the dramaturgy presents a solitary being who notices a big hole in his chest. Seeking the reason for his loneliness in a letter, the puppet sees himself between staying and leaving, between the expected return and the search for this reason, this person, this time, moment or place that nourishes and satisfies this lack: his “saudade”.

A Fiandeira (The Spinner)

Constructed from the expressiveness and symbolism of the yarn material, the dramaturgy of the show presents images that evoke the ancestry of the female creative forces of the universe. The figure of the great spider Goddess who wavers and weaves the destinies of men and women guides the spectator on a cosmic and intimate journey beyond the frontiers of life and death, the real and the imaginary.

by ⁣Lambe-Lambe Theatre with PlastikOnírica Company from Brazil

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