Moosh ta Moosh

Published on 01 Apr 2021 / In Theatre 3: Contemporary

⁣⁣Moosh ta Moosh

Every night, in the streets of the city one could hear the sad and heart-rendering songs of "Agha Mooshe" who was desperately in love with "Khale Mooshe" . Khale Mooshe didn’t know that all these songs are for her; instead she counted stars and stares at them every night.
One day a cat attacked Moosh City in order to hunt a mouse. Agha Mooshe fought devotedly with the cat and rescued her .after that she run away and went to the desert. from there Khaleh Mooshe starts a journey in order to find a place as her home which would be far from any dangers and also in order to find a most powerful person in the world to protect her and to not let her to fear from anything anymore…

Shadow Theater Company from Iran

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