Kujo Buri

Published on 01 Apr 2021 / In Theatre 1: Traditional

⁣There lived an
old lady in a small village. For her age, she was so bend down that she needed
a stick to walk. Everyone in the village called her “Kujo Buri”. For
want of food and many diseases she was very thin and weak. She had two dogs, Ronga and Bonga.
One day she decided to go in her grand-daughters house, to eat well. She called
her two dogs, she told them to guard her house and she started for her
grand-daughters home. On the way, at first a cunning fox came, then a tiger and
at last a bear came to eat her. But the old lady tricked them and came to her
grand-daughters house. She told them the same thing that, as she was very thin
and weak, their left nothing but bond in her body. So she wants them to wait
until she became fat and healthy from her grand-daughters house. On her way
home, the grand-daughters put the old-lady inside a vacuum of cucumber. Inside
it, she put some puffed rice, molasses and water for the journey. Rolling the
cucumber the old lady was saved from tiger and bear. But at last she was caught
in the hands of the cunning fox. Again the old lady tricked the fox and started
singing by calling her dogs Ronga-Bonga. Then Ronga-Bonga came and saved the old lady from the fox. At
the end they all dance and sing happily and return to their home.

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